, is JD Harvill

Atlanta-based painter/photographer looking to capture beautiful people on paper and canvas!


Graphite pencil drawings or India ink pen sketches... I spend many hours every week out drawing with my friends, and other inspirations.

2011 5x8 book (1) 2011 5x8 book (6) Woofs Owner 2001 9x12 book (24) 2011 5x8 book (4) Tim Hailand 2011 9x12 book (04) 2001 9x12 book (32) 2011 9x12 book (06)


I paint with chalk pastels, watercolours or oil. I tend to take inspirations from my sketches and create sexy and humerous story images.

Some of My Paintings Some of My Paintings Some of My Paintings Some of My Paintings 2011.03.22 Hideaway Tuesday 2011.03.22 Hideaway Tuesday Some of My Paintings

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